Copywriting projects

Website relaunch
A professional body relaunched its website. It needed to stress the benefits of membership to a wider audience. We interviewed 3 key members of staff and wrote copy that focused on promoting the organisation, its training courses and legal services.

Flyer for financial services firm
Our client wanted to promote the benefits of its asset management software. First, we had a short conference call with the client’s business and technical experts. Then we wrote a leave-behind to include in the client’s proposal. Now they use it for all their bids to investment firms.

Family business blogs
We wrote ten articles and blogs on family business and philanthropy for a Big Four accounting firm, which have been published on their website.

Web copy for an American AI company
We wrote a landing page for an AI vendor. We also wrote 6 advertising emails to send out to prospective customers, indicating how the products had been used in industry. We drew on our own extensive experience of working in the field of AI and law. To read our paper on the subject, delivered at the University of Leiden’s and published by Springer Verlag in its AI and Law journal, click here.